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Trash or treasure - What exactly is "Clutter"?

What we are:

What we are not:

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While the phone listings and advertisements call us a Clutter Removal  Service, others have called us the Jedi Masters for tackling your "Stuff Anarchy". practitioners of some ancient eastern medicines refer to us as the " Ying to Your Stress and Chaos- Free Yang" Our customers just call us that "nifty and darn friendly crew who are all that and a bag of chips" . We are also called everyone's favorite four- letter word:

We aren't a trash removal service.

 We have all heard the saying " One person's junk or trash may be another persons treasure. This may often be true, and again there are times where one's trash is just that, trash and must be put to rest. While we do not do this, our team is extremely knowledgeable and will provide the guidance and referral/ resource information on how to eliminate your trash is both safe for the environment and cost effective.

We define " Clutter" as something that is usable or can be easily repaired or creatively repurposed. Clutter can be

  • one item that you are sick of stubbing your toe on when you are in search of that midnight cookie.
  • it can be a house or building full of items that you feel are just too good to toss away as waste, but your time together has reached an end.

That " when I get a round to it" project vehicle that you were going to fix up before you figured out that your true passion lies in obtaining the Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship Title Belt? We'll take that too!

                                        for more concise list of items that we can or can not take, if you have something that you aren't sure of feel free to call us!




Free of charge.

715-273-3494 or 1-855-808-1555

Who you are:

How it works:

Clutter                                  De-Clutter

5 Rules for Reducing Clutter

One In, Two Out

Deal With It As It Comes In Door

Ruthlessly Deal With Piles

Donate Box Ready At All Times

Make De- Cluttering A Habit!

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  • You are moving, post- estate  sales, or too busy to have a garage sale.
  • You don't want the hassle of a online website like Ebay or craigslist advertisement or have individuals hanging out in your alley sorting through your trash.
  • You are cleaning out an attic, garage, basement, or shed.
  • You are a business needing to get rid of old stock or office décor.
  • You are a landlord, property manager or Realtor stuck with items after a tenant move.
  • A Life Coach or Professional Organizer working with a client.
  • You're helping a parent simplify life or downsize items to move into an apartment or assisted living.
  • You just dove into that Feng Shui 101 class or read the latest book on Stress Elimination and need to De-Clutter.   
  • Whatever you are pursuing, you have clutter and you just want it out! Call us- we want it!

Easy Peazy!

  • Whether it is one item or a whole house/building full of items give us a call at                                                          and tell us that you have some unwanted clutter, and you want it gone!

  • We will come out and remove your clutter

  • If you have things that do not fall within our "clutter" guidelines, we will give you resources on how to easily cost effective ways dispose of these items.in your area.

We are a family business that is committed to making our community better. Your items will be either donated directly to a local charity or sold and a portion of the sale goes to a charity that we work with.